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Overview of Dubai Walking Tours

Dubai is a vibrant city with some of the most incredible attractions that are absolutely incomparable to any other in the world. The city is famous worldwide for its formidable architecture, unique designs and colorful cultural heritage. Besides the world renowned attractions like the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain, there are many other unique attractions that are centuries old but beautifully preserved so that it can still be enjoyed today.

A Dubai Walking Tour will take you on a fascinating journey of explorations to many hidden gems of this stunning city. The unique amalgamation of the charms of the old city and the spectacular beauty of the modern world is best experienced with one of these walking tours of the city. You can choose to explore the Old Dubai on foot as you visit one of the oldest traditional markets of Dubai such as the Spice Souk or the Gold Souk. Marvel at the beauty of the architectural styles of historical monuments such as the Al Fahidi Fort or the quaint wind towers on the rooftops of houses in Dubai’s oldest residential area, Al Bastakiya.

Discover an array of engaging walking experiences tailored to your preferences. Immerse yourself in diverse themes, including heritage, shopping, food, arts, culture, architecture, and sightseeing. Elevate your exploration with personalized Dubai Walking Tours, crafted to encompass your desired destinations and up-close encounters with your chosen attractions.

Walking Tour of Dubai

Al Souq Al Kabeer Art and Culture Tour

This tour takes you to explore the cultural heritage of Dubai with visits to some of the most renowned cultural attractions of the city such as the Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum’s House and the Grand Mosque. Marvel at the exquisite architectural splendor of Ali Bin Abi Taleb Mosque and take a tour of the Xva Gallery which showcases some truly spectacular Middle Eastern artworks. This art and culture tour will also take you to the oldest residential area of Dubai, Al Bastakiya and the monumental Plaza Cinema Hall.

Al Quoz Walk

The Al Quoz Walking tour will take you to some of the most unique experiences you can enjoy in Dubai. This adventurous tour will take you to places such as the Miracle Garden, Dubai Garden Centre, Meme Gallery, The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, The Courtyard and Ski Dubai. The tour will take you to some fascinating restaurants and quaint cafes serving a variety of lip smacking cuisines from around the world. The main highlights of the Al Quoz Walking tour are incredible experiences and delicious food.

Deira Shopping Walk

Deira is a colorful shopping hub and it is home to some of the oldest markets or souks of Dubai. On a walking tour of the Deira region you will truly enjoy exploring the winding lanes lined with quaint outdoor cafes, traditional shops, open souks and incredibly beautiful structures that have been wonderfully preserved for centuries. Wander about the aromatic Spice Souk or marvel at the glittering gold jewelry at the Gold Souk during your Deira shopping walk.

Bur Dubai Sightseeing Walk

Located on the Southern side of Dubai Creek, Bur Dubai is one of the oldest parts of this vibrant city. A walking tour along Bur Dubai will take you to past magnificent mosques, museums, imposing historical buildings and one of the oldest residential areas of Dubai which is Al Bastakiya. The houses in this area still have the traditional wind towers which act like modern day air conditioners. These wind towers funnel the cool wind from the desert into the houses keeping its interiors cool.

Downtown Dubai History & Architecture Tour

The Dubai Downtown History and Architecture Tour will take you to iconic landmarks that showcase the grand architectural styles that this part of Dubai has. The tour will take you past the famous Dubai Fountain, the bustling markets of Souk Al Bahar, the M.A.D. Gallery, Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo and The Dubai Opera House. Take a walk along the beautiful promenades and explore the wonderfully designed Burj Park which plays hosts to many celebrations and festivals of Dubai.

Old Dubai Tour

Old Dubai Tour will take you to a part which showcases what Dubai was historically. The buildings and structures here are completely different from the tall skyscrapers that everyone is familiar with when it comes to Dubai. The tour will take you to Al Bastakiya which is an old residential area dating back to the 1800s. You get to explore famous sights like Al Fahidi Fort and Dubai Museum, Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House, Heritage Village Dubai, Diving Village Dubai and many more.

City Orientation Tour

This is one of the most fascinating walking tours of Dubai as it takes you to some of the most celebrated architectural wonders of the city. You will be absolutely captivated by imposing structures such as the famous Burj Khalifa, The splendid Rose Tower, Dubai Mall, The Dubai World Trade Centre, The Emirates Towers and the Dubai International Convention Centre. This tour will take about 3 hours and you can even do some quick shopping at the Dubai Mall during your walking tour.

FAQs of Dubai Walking Tour

How long does an average Dubai Walking Tour typically last?

The average Dubai Walking Tour will typically last about 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on the route and type of walk chosen for the tour. 

What can I expect to see during a Dubai Walking Tour?

A Dubai Walking tour will take you to some of the most prominent landmarks of Dubai as well as many areas of historical and cultural significance. You can expect to see some unique structures such as the home of Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum, the wind catchers, Al Fahidi Fort, traditional markets or Souks of Dubai such as the Spice Souk and the Gold Souk. You get to view both the new and swanky Dubai with its iconic structures such as the Burj Khalifa and you also get a good glimpse into Dubai’s past with a tour of the Old Dubai such as the old residential area Al Bastakiya.

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Are meals included in a Dubai Walking Tour?

Meals and snacks are included if you are part of a Dubai Food and Cultural Walking tour. Inclusions of meals will depend on the type of walking tour you choose as well as the location of your tour.

How long does the Deira Shopping Walk last?

The Deira Shopping Walk lasts between 1 to 1.5 hours.

Can I meet and interact with artists during the Al Quoz Walk?

The Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz area is home to over 25 art galleries and art spaces which host frequent art exhibitions, auctions and other community events. This is a great place to meet artists and influencers and enjoy an intriguing interaction with them.

What can I expect to see during the Old Dubai Tour?

The Old Dubai Tour will take you to the oldest part of Dubai where you will get to see fascinating old style restaurants and shops; the Al Bastakiya district which dates back to the 1800s, the Al Fahidi Fort, the Heritage Village of Dubai, Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum’s residence, the Dubai Museum, Dubai Textile Souk, the Al Shindagha Watch Tower and the Diving Village of Dubai. 

Are the walking tours guided by knowledgeable experts?

Absolutely, the heart of our Dubai Walking Tours lies in the expertise and passion of our guides. Each guide is a seasoned professional who possesses in-depth knowledge of the historical, cultural, and architectural significance of the sites you'll visit. Their narratives bring the city's stories to life, offering captivating insights and anecdotes that enhance your understanding of Dubai's past, present, and future.

What makes Dubai Walking Tours a unique way to explore the city?

Dubai Walking Tours encapsulate the essence of immersive exploration. They provide an opportunity to engage with the city on a more intimate level, allowing you to connect with its heritage, people, and experiences. Unlike hurried bus tours, walking tours encourage a leisurely pace, enabling you to savor every detail, texture, and atmosphere. With themed tours that cater to various interests, you can dive deep into areas that resonate with you the most, whether it's the cultural tapestry, culinary tapestry, architectural innovation, or breathtaking panoramas. The personal touch of crafting your own customized tour ensures that your journey through Dubai is not only memorable but also uniquely yours.


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