Dubai City Tour Combo with Desert Safari and Creek Cruise

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Dubai City Tour Combo With Desert Safari & Creek Cruise highlights

  • Enjoy the majestic view of Dubai as you get dressed for a sail in the Dhow cruise at Dubai Creek in the evening

  • Explore some of the most famous tourist attractions such as Jumeirah Beach, Palm island, Dubai Frame etc

  • Get a chance to witness the traditional Bedouin camp with get ruined on the hard core Arabic Hospitality

  • Try your hands at various activities along with getting entertained by the famous Tanura and belly dance performances

  • Have an international buffet dinner with barbeque (Veg & Non-Veg) and relax at the camp


Bur Dubai
Bur Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Dubai City Tour Combo With Desert Safari & Creek Cruise cancellation_policy

  • If cancellation are made 7 days before the date of travel then 50.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • If cancellation are made 0 days to 7 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
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Dubai City Tour Combo With Desert Safari & Creek Cruise overview

About Dubai City Tour:

Unleashing a three-in-one adventure, the Dubai City Tour Combo with Desert Safari and Creek Cruise offers an engaging exploration of the city's striking attractions, natural splendour, and vibrant culture. This tour whisks you away on a mesmerising cruise across Dubai Creek, where the city's skyline unfolds its charm. Your journey continues with a thrilling desert safari, imbuing a sense of Bedouin life with camel rides, traditional performances, and an aromatic barbecue dinner. A city tour unravels iconic sights such as Jumeirah Beach, Palm Island, and the Dubai Frame, immersing you in the city's architectural brilliance and cosmopolitan allure, all in a span of two enthralling days.

About The Activity:

  • Avail the Dubai City Tour Combo with Desert Safari and Creek Cruise, which offers an unparalleled exploration of the city's rich heritage and contemporary marvels over two enthralling days.
  • The tour kicks off with sightseeing on a city tour, where you will get to marvel at Dubai's renowned tourist hotspots including Jumeirah Beach, Palm Island, and the record-holding Dubai Frame. 
  • After soaking in the architectural marvels, enjoy some retail therapy at Dragon's Mart, a popular marketplace known for offering an array of goods at unbeatable prices.
  • As the evening descends, gear up for a thrilling desert safari, and capture stunning snapshots of the vast, beautiful desert before heading to a traditional Bedouin camp.
  • In the Bedouin camp, enjoy a taste of authentic Arabic hospitality and have the chance to indulge in various activities, from camel rides and sunset photo-ops to traditional henna painting.
  • As the sun sets, enjoy enchanting belly dance and Tanoura dance shows while indulging in a delectable international buffet dinner, offering both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.
  • On the second day of the Dubai City Tour Combo with Desert Safari and Creek Cruise, embark on an unforgettable sail in a traditional Dhow cruise along the Dubai Creek. 

Dubai City Tour Combo With Desert Safari & Creek Cruise faqs

How long does the entire combo tour usually last?

The Dubai City Tour Combo with Desert Safari and Creek Cruise typically spans over two exhilarating days. It includes sightseeing at major tourist spots like Jumeirah Beach, Palm Island, and the award-winning Dubai Frame, in addition to shopping at Dragon's Mart. Additionally, you can also enjoy some time at a traditional Bedouin camp during a desert safari, along with other desert activities as part of the combo. The tour also includes a serene Dhow cruise at Dubai Creek. 

Are meals included in the combo tour?

Yes, meals are included in the Dubai City Tour Combo with Desert Safari and Creek Cruise. You can relish an international buffet dinner complete with barbeque options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. This culinary delight is part of the Bedouin camp experience, enhancing the traditional Arabic hospitality. Additionally, the Dhow cruise at Dubai Creek in the evening also includes refreshments and a buffet dinner, making the experience memorable with an amalgamation of stunning views and delectable cuisine.

Is there a minimum age requirement for the desert safari?

No, there is no minimum age requirement for the desert safari. However, as precaution and safety, it is advised that children aged 11 years or below, must always be accompanied by an adult (a parent or legal guardian) during the safari. 

What type of vehicles are used for the desert safari?

Desert safaris typically use robust Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), specifically designed for demanding terrains. These vehicles are well-equipped to handle the sand dunes' unpredictable nature, providing passengers with a thrilling, yet safe experience. Models like the Toyota Land Cruiser are particularly favoured due to their powerful engine, high ground clearance, and superior suspension, facilitating seamless navigation through the sandy landscape. This choice ensures visitors can enjoy the desert's rugged beauty while maintaining optimal safety and comfort.

Is there a specific time to visit the creek for the cruise?

The Creek cruise typically starts in the evening, offering stunning twilight views of Dubai's skyline. Therefore, you are advised to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. This lead time facilitates smooth boarding, helping avoid last-minute rush and ensuring a relaxed start to the experience. Furthermore, it gives ample opportunity to settle in, enjoy the pre-departure ambience, and soak in the majestic waterfront views even before the cruise embarks on its mesmerising journey.

How long does a desert safari typically last?

A typical desert safari lasts approximately 6 hours, from late afternoon into the evening. This duration allows you to experience the magic of the desert at various times: the heat of the day, the cool of the twilight, and the enchanting Arabian night. The itinerary usually includes thrilling activities like dune bashing, sandboarding, and camel riding, followed by an evening of traditional entertainment and dinner at a Bedouin-style camp. 

Are there different types of Creek Cruises available?

Yes, there are different types of Dubai Creek Cruises available, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences. The traditional Dhow Cruise offers a glimpse into Dubai's rich heritage, whereas the modern Glasshouse Cruise provides a contemporary, luxurious experience. Dinner cruises offer a splendid dining experience while cruising, with various cuisine options. Sightseeing cruises are perfect for photographers and history enthusiasts, showcasing Dubai's architectural marvels. 

Is transportation provided to and from the Creek for the cruise?

Yes, transportation is provided to and from the Creek for the cruise. You can request a separate vehicle that will pick you up from the hotel and drop you off at the Creek. 

Is it necessary to book the tour in advance?

While it is not necessary, it is highly recommended to book the tour well in advance. This is because the tour is quite popular, attracting a large number of tourists daily. Booking in advance ensures your slot is secure, preventing any disappointment on arrival. Moreover, advance booking often comes with the added advantage of discounts or special packages. Additionally, planning ahead gives you ample time to organise your day, enabling a stress-free and seamless experience of the mesmerising sights and experiences Dubai offers.

How long does a Creek Cruise typically last?

A Creek Cruise in Dubai typically lasts about two hours. This duration is purposefully selected to provide ample time for you to soak in the enchanting city skyline, historic sites, and cultural landmarks along the creek. The two-hour span also accommodates a leisurely buffet dinner, often complemented by live entertainment such as traditional dance or music performances. Moreover, this timeframe tends to strike a balance between offering a comprehensive experience and fitting comfortably within visitors' busy sightseeing schedules.


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